Onsite Insites by SatisFacts Research 2014 - 4th Quarter | Page 14

a word from Doug... I started SatisFacts for a reason: I have a passion for caring, dedication and service. This passion has to do with how I was raised and my DNA. I have always been very sensitive to service, and am inspired when I interact with someone who really cares about how they perform for you – whether at the grocery store or dealing with a service provider. My reaction is 180 degrees different when I deal with someone who does not care. If you are being paid to do a job, autograph your work with excellence...especially after you make a mistake. To err is human…but to care is what separates rock stars from the rest of the pack. This is a principle we’ve preached for years, along with the value of remarkable recoveries. I have a keen eye for people who strive to provide world class service, people whose DNA only lets them perform one way! The superstar has all of the traits one expects, plus one – the desire and ability to rise to the occasion when issues occur. I was fortunate to deal with an incredible team member of a multifamily industry service provider we work with; we’ll call her “RW.” We got an email about an issue regarding our account, however it was accidently sent to us. I responded to the email, sharing I had no idea what they were talking about. What happened next was a “Wow”! Mistakes happen, but taking advantage of opportunities to create remarkable recoveries is priceless! Let me share some contents of the emails I received from this amazing woman, RW! Upon reading my initial email, here is part of the reply I got back: “I’m sorry for the delay in responding but your email came after I had to go to the oncology clinic to be with my husband, and I just got back to the office. I feel horrible that your email address locked into my ‘copy & paste’ – the email was supposed to be sent to another gentleman. I am truly sorry for my error. I know my error has caused you a lot of grief and I promise to be more careful so something like this does not happen again. If there is anything I can do for you, please don’t hesitate contacting me.” I responded that I appreciated her concern and professionalism, and that I was glad things were cleared up. Then I received the following email. Pay attention to the second sentence (re: “reflection on the company”): “I guess it’s just my nature Doug. I’ve been with the company for almost 5 years and when I mess up – it’s a reflection on the company – and I know I’m better than that. I can’t thank you enough for being understanding and patient.” (Author’s Note: She also apologized again for the slight delay in getting back to me because she went to be with her husband at the oncology clinic! Despite that, she still got back to me later that day. Incredible. You can’t train someone to care this much…it’s in their genes!!!) I responded about how impressed I was with how much she cared. When reading her response below, focus on her attitude about when a mistake is made: “I don’t think I could have lived with myself without apologizing – I’ve been in customer service for close to 30 years, and the one thing I believe in is honesty. Over the years I’ve learned something important – anything that can be messed up can be fixed as long as you are honest about the mistake, and don’t try to brush it under the rug. You hit the nail on the head – I do care.” If your team is comprised of wonderful people like this, people who take immense pride in their work and really, really care…then your residents feel this and reward you with their renewal as well as outstanding online reviews!