Online Food & Liquor Delivery  -  2017 Grocery Shopping for a Healthier Menu

Grocery Shopping for a Healthier Menu /blog/grocery-shopping-for-a-healthier-menu A healthy lifestyle starts off with where you are purchasing your groceries. We often forget that big brand supermarkets are a business that are designed to make you spend as much money as possible. Unfortunately their business model is always focusing on the bottom line and not providing good people with good food. Purchasing healthy food can be tricky due to foods being filled with cheap and low nutrient ingredients. The best way to combat this and the out of control grocery shop is plan it out for both your health and your finances. Let’s handle how to keep your wallet healthy first. 1. Shop with cash Tapping, swiping and even paying from our devices makes it way too easy to not even pay attention to what the final bill is. The Journal of Consumer Research did a study in 2010 that found that households that paid with cash spent 59-78% less on groceries than those that paid with card. This study also found interestingly enough that those households also bought less processed unhealthy foods and bought more nutritious products like fruits and veggies. 2. Plan out your week before going shopping You need to know when the household will be at home for supper or if the kids need supper packed for them 3 nights this week - these are all things to know before shopping to only buy what you need. 3. Don’t be afraid to try the unknown brands Typically the smaller name brands who are still attentive to customer approval sell their products for less and are on average more healthy than the big names. 4. Try a grocery delivery service 1/2