One Two Magazine May Edition - Page 7

width, shirt pulling and pushing can happen far less. With five foul team limits per half and four second maximum kick-ins, there isn’t much time to abuse the referee or try and deceive them. The game rewards skill over anything else. Perfectly balanced. So then, it’s just indoor soccer or 5-a-side, right? Well, not really. To get all of these benefits, futsal is a finely balanced game with 4-a-side outfield plus a goalkeeper. The properties of the wooden or modern court, out lines and the low bounce smaller futsal ball are what it gives it these unique benefits. To get the most from futsal, it must be kept genuine, as it’s own sport. Sure, we could play with a bigger ball, bigger space, and More fun. Being one pass or one add a few more players per team. But then we would have footrun away from the ball means ball. The unique benefits that futsal brings, simply comes from you’re always involved. It makes being futsal. playing football at left back when And in countries like Spain where it’s a sport in it’s own right, the play is all down the right wing the top U14 players don’t play for football. They play to be the seem like a spectator sport. best futsal players they can be. More demands. Everybody must And then there is every chance they could become professional attack and defend in futsal. In three futsal, or football, players in the future. second you can go from being the So even if it’s one session per week, play futsal and you, or your last man back, to the highest man kids, will love it. forward. You are put under new demands, in this higher intensity, all the time. Less of the bad stuff. When there is a referee on each side of the court and a maximum of 20 metres GRASSROOTS FOOTBALL 7