One Two Magazine May Edition - Page 40

Coaches Corner Defending SESSIONS FROM in balance (1v1/2v2) Defending- Tech into skill 1- 1v1 with defender not allowed to tackle(to focus on movement/tech points). Defender plays the ball into the attacker from the edge of the area to start play. Attacker has to try and get to the ball over the defenders line. Progress this so that the defender can tackle (if they win the ball then they have to try and get over the attackers line). Key Points – Curved run to show attacker one way, side on body shape, looking at the ball not the player, not too close/far away from the attacker(dependant on the individual players), continue to show one way and not switch (jockey), stand to one side slightly to show one way, tackle when the attacker takes a big/bad touch, slow them down, etc. 2- Same as above but 2v2. To start with players can not go over the middle line. Progress so they can. Key points – Same as above, one player closes while the other covers (a bit deeper than the team mate and pulls in slightly), switch from closing to covering and vice versa when the ball is played across, choose to stay with player or swap if attackers cross over communication etc. Defending- Game Through the thirds game with a 1v1 + GK at each end and a 2v2 in the middle. Progress into a normal game. Key points – Same points as in the rest of the session, try to stop attackers playing the ball forward into the next area etc.