One Two Magazine May Edition - Page 25

If I have to say one team, it would be Manchester United. Santos played many times against them, they have a strong name around ‎the world. Some of the best players have come from there. You are a big fan of the Premier League – you were at Liverpool vs Manchester United last season – It has been a year of surprises… what are your thoughts on Leicester City potentially winning the title? For many people this is a surprise, but for me, this is football. Football is a box of surprises. We never envisaged Leicester being top of the league, but what about Manchester United not even being in the top four? The Premiere League is the best league in the world, so you expect this level of competition. Sometimes the top teams, the strongest teams, don’t win. What players in the Premier League do you enjoy watching right now? I travel so much, I don’t get the opportunity to watch too many Premiere League matches, but I watch some of the big games, the highlights, the best goals. Coutinho is a player that I follow, along with many other Brazilians that play in the league. Some young players like Harry Kane, Dele Ali represent the new generation for the national team. Who was your toughest ever opponent and why? George Best was always a tough but good opponent. And people always mention the story of me and Gordon Banks. Of the 1,283 goals that I have scored, they still always talk about that save! Call Stuart for further details or to book. 0203 151 0343 SIMPLY PRESTIGE EVENTS | DALTON HOUSE 60 WINDSOR AVENUE | LONDON | SW19 2RR GRASSROOTS FOOTBALL 25