ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #30 dig.05 - Page 49

William Burroughs Andy Warhol Boo-Hooray give perspective to the craftsmanship, passion and time invested into “Fuck You”: ’All the gathered texts needed to be transferred to stencils, the illustrations cut meticulously by hand-held metal-tipped styli into the page of text, the sticky, awkwardly shaped stencil then attached to the drum of the mimeograph which supped on ink and spat some back. If one multiplies the paper sheets needed for an issue of the publication, (36 x 500 = 18,000 sheets), that needed to be collated and stapled to complete one issue.’ "Ed Sanders’ “Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts” Collection is housed at the Cornell University Library. Ed Sanders - Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts @ Boo-Hooray