ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #30 dig.05 - Page 47

“FUCK YOU” ‘ZINE REMAINS REVOLUTIONARY Ed Sanders — US beat poet, Fugs member, social activist, environmentalist and owner of former Peace Eye Bookshop in New York’s East Village — was also editor, founder and contributor of the mimeograph journal titled “Fuck You / A Magazine of the Arts”. With 13 issues released between 1962-1965, Sanders’ poetry ‘zine charged through New York’s underground with a ferocious and infectious energy that continues to resonate today. The contributor list is hugely impressive with names that included Tuli Kupferberg (also from the Fugs), pop artist Andy Warhol, and beat writers William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg. Daring, sexually provocative and experimental, “Fuck You” was dedicated to freedom of expression, bitchy in its wit, offensively humorous and celebrated sexual liberation and the use of psychedelics years’ before the Summer of Love.