ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #30 dig.05 - Page 29

“Beetles” is Pugliese’s third phase, and one which he admits to starting when he was only ten. In this third phase, he particularly introspective and invites us to explore the most important times of our childhood. He talks in a lyrical manner about the work and the symbolism attached: ‘I have entrusted these beetles attached with a few fragments of those moments that have remained with me along the road. Bits and pieces, symbols, mementos, little amulets that I have treasured carefully for years, some that I have  rediscovered, and others that I deliberately went out  to search for. Tiny items able to open these windows  for a glimpse of the familiar daily life of the past… of special times… of my other existence. Symbols and objects of everyday life, familiar memories…things that would have gradually disappeared from my life and that I would have noticed and come to love only after I was aware of the significance of their loss. (Pugliese) Pugliese expresses himself with meticulous attention to detail showing an admirable grasp of form and technique and is deeply self aware. His high level of intimacy and emotionally ability to connect with his artwork is communicated in all three phases. You can find Pugliese’s varies pieces of work being sold (with notable success)_ at some of the world’s most admirable Fine Art Auction Houses, with names that include Christie’s, Sotheby’s, Bonham’s and Dorotheum. w w w . m a t t e o p u g l i e s e . c o m /