ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #30 dig.05 - Page 40

AN IDEAL ROCKSTAR A FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEW WITH PAOLO NUTINI Creating fame and cult status has become easy. Grow a beard, download garage band and always make sure you use the right Instagram filter. And boom, you’ve got the ingredients to become the new poster boy of guitar music. That was true at least until Paulo Nutini came along – the 27-year-old bushy haired Scottish singer-songwriter and part time heart throb celebrity who hates selfies. He’s done a duet with the Rolling Stones and doesn’t use Facebook. He even admits to not having the password to his several hundred thousand strong Twitter account. So what gives? The short answer, it’s all about the music man. I had the fortune of meeting him face-to-face across a coffee table and an espresso in the plush Protea Fire & Ice Hotel (have a gander). His balcony overlooks a warm Cape Town skyline. That coming weekend he would rock Sowing The Seeds – the music and lifestyle festival considered to be the hors d'oeuvre of Rocking the Daisies. And fans ate it up. It was time to ask a few interesting questions about twerking, 90’s nostalgia and his “biggest sadness”. by Johann M Smith