ONE SMALL SEED MAGAZINE Issue #30 dig.05 | Page 14

AMAZING ARTWORKS OF JOHNSON TSANG Meet the man who can bring clay to life, sculpture Johnson Tsang aka Tsang Cheung Shing is an extraordinary artisan. Hong Kong born and based, he is revered globally after winning competitions in Italy, Korea, and Spain. With the hands of a surgeon, a bizarre humour and an acute understanding of the human anatomy, Tsang models ‘reality’ with exquisite precision. His works typically employs realist sculptural techniques and focusses primarily on using ceramics and stainless steel. He has also mastered skills in capturing the instantaneous moment of splashing white porcelain. His mind-blowing craftsmanship sends satirical bolts of social and political commentary, which fans come to appreciate, expect and thank him for. ENJOY THESE AMAZING SLIDES!