On Your Doorstep Issue 6 | Page 86

HOLLY DAVISON FINDING THE LAST FRONTIER Winding along a dirt road deep in the heart of Alaska I sat wilderness, for it to seep into my soul because even though gazing out the window wondering if this is truly the last wild I was in the middle of this vast grandeur my heart knew I place on earth and for how much longer? Driving the Alaska was leaving. This wild place is reserved for the bear and the Highway starting our journey in Washington we watched moose, the caribou and the eagle, and a few hearty souls cities turned into towns, towns into blips on a map, to long that have gazed into the eyes of the wind challenging the stretches of trees and mountains. The wilderness moved elements to call this place home. I was a visitor in these lands. from a two hour drive on a gravel road and 15 mile hike to My time here was limited. However, I will forever be changed. right outside our truck window. With awe and wonder I felt I will forever be tempted with the call of the wild. Maybe one a change come over me, a yearning to be more wild and day too I will live wild and free. free. I had this need to submerse myself in the toni c of the Birch, Wrangell St Elias Right: Spring Fury, Liberty Creek 86