On Your Doorstep Issue 6 | Page 60

TINA ARNOLD Mount Rainier towers over the Pacific Northwest and is located in the beautiful state of Washington. The mountain stands at 14,411 ft and is the tallest mountain in the state and the Cascade Mountain Range. I am lucky enough to have this incredible mountain within a few hours drive from my home. The summer months between late July and August are the most popular months to visit Rainier due to its extensive wildflower displays. The wildflowers are so impressive that thousands of photographers from around the world visit the mountain and its high alpine meadows, in hopes of capturing the incredible beauty of the wildflowers contrasting with the white snowy mountain. The meadows around the mountain can be easily viewed; whether you travel the park by car or explore on foot. Morning Glow Reflection Lakes, Mt Rainier - Located along the Stevens Canyon Rd 60 MOUNT RAINIER: A PHOTOGRAPHER’S PARADISE