On Your Doorstep Issue 2 | Page 2

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR As I write this, I am sailing away from Australia, my doorstep for the last nine months, leaving her sadly behind in my wake. But my spirits are buoyed with the anticipation of the beauty waiting for me on my next doorstep, Indonesia. For the best part of traveling the world by sailboat is that ‘wherever I go, I am home’; only my doorstep keeps changing. My love of Gaia has transported me from the confines of a three-walled, one windowed office out onto the open ocean with endless possibilities. To date, my sailing circumnavigation has taken me to 21 countries from The Netherlands to Australia, across The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and just this month, into the Indian Ocean. Gaia has delivered marvels the entire way from sweeping landscapes filled with mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, sand dunes, wetlands, savannahs and many, many palm trees to underwater gardens rich in colorful coral and brimming with penguins, turtles, fish, sea lions, dolphins, whales, sharks and crocodiles. But a big lesson that I’ve learned on this sailing journey is that some of the best adventures and greatest beauty were available to me just steps from my office door. I only had to open it once in awhile and walk outside. I look forward to returning to my homeports in Chicago and New York someday to explore those landscapes more deeply. This month’s On Your Doorstep Magazine features many amazing artists who have successfully carved out time to celebrate their own doorsteps and to share that beauty with us. Colin Southgate Colin takes us along on his journey through the Magic of Macro using pressed flower photography as an expansive form of creative expression. The results are magnificent. Allan Hamilton is a freelance graphic artist, illustrator, photographer and art blogger based in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, who uses art to remind us that ‘nature is a fun place of adventure and discovery that is wonderfully nostalgic and healing’. His latest photography project, Arboretum Virtualis, deftly captures nature’s mysterious and inviting beauty through black & white tree, forest and grove portraits. LISA DORENFEST David Foster is a fine art nature photographer born in New York, now living in Atlanta. David has a special interest in the emerging focus on the healing power of nature and nature-based art/ photography. Karen Henderson is a textile artist based in the United States. Her work reflects her wide-ranging interests and the nature that is around her. She combines different dying techniques with sewing and weaving. Lexie Klein. Is a US based travel photographer and blogger with an insatiable itch to see the world, preferably on foot. She has visited six continents, nearly fifty countries, and much of the U.S. Here she shares with us a series of her breathtaking images from her home base. Teresa Asman. Continuing our theme of celebrating inner city green spaces, Teresa Asman. a Canadian based author and photographer shares the remarkable beauty on her doorstep in Port Alberti, British Columbia, through her words and images. Tsvetomir Iliev is a self taught Bulgarian artist, Tsvetomir combines small pieces of fallen tree bark and acrylic paint to show us beauty in the hidden complexities of nature Olivier Leger is a multi award-winning artist who has been creating surreal, imaginative drawings exploring ecology, biology and nature since 2013. He’s inspired by his curiosity of the world and the universe. And in our Project’s Section, On Your Doorstep is excited to bring you an interview with Adam Pollak, the brain behind Closed Loop Farms. A community based network of farms in the Chicagoland area, Closed Loop Farms has transformed urban blight into a resilient local food ecosystem that bridges the gap between farm and consumer. The wind is picking up so I will leave you here to enjoy the contents of Issue 2 of On Your Doorstep Magazine while I go and trim the sails. Written At Sea 26 July 2016