On Your Doorstep Issue 1 - Page 31

Harbor Bridge Viewed From Wendy’s Secret Garden

Lavender Bay, Sydney, NSW Australia

I have a terrible fear of heights. I will sail across the open ocean with one other person in a 47-foot sailboat without issue, but a walk across an expansive bridge can be overwhelming., which is why it took me five months to muster the courage to cross the Sydney Harbor Bridge as a pedestrian. I’ve traveled across it in a car, a train and a bus, and sailed under it several times, but walking it is another thing altogether. On March 17tth, I decided ‘today is the day’. As I walked from the North Sydney Train station toward the bridge entrance at Milsons Point, I started to lose my confidence. So I took a slight detour to find some comfort in Wendy (Whiteley’s) famous public garden, created on an area of railway below Clark Park. It offers several walkways through luscious flowers and greenery and spectacular views. After a peaceful, meditative time in the garden, I snapped this image of The Bridge and thought, ‘I can do this!’ So with a bit of courage that I found in nature, and a lot of deep breathing, I did.