On Your Doorstep Issue 1 - Page 27

Nature Imitating Art (1000677)

Dalgety, NSW Australia

I tend to put my ‘all’ into whatever I do. When I was building a career in New York, by choice, I increased my time in the office with each passing year, inevitably diminishing my time spent outdoors. Eventually, my only link to Gaia was through the ‘art’ on my office walls. The picture above my desk was of a beautiful, sprawling landscape that I longed to walk out into. I pretended that the frame was a window looking out of my office and that landscape was my view.

Eventually, I began taking a series of career breaks to pursue my dream of circumnavigating the world under sail (again, putting the ‘all’ into everything that I do). That journey brought me to Dalgety, NSW Australia in February, a remote town along the Snowy River. Here I found this beautiful, sprawling landscape, very similar to the one pictured in the frame that hung above my office desk.

It wasn’t necessary for me to take a career break, sell everything I owned, and travel 30,000 miles under sail to see such beauty. That was simply my dream. Beautiful, sprawling views were available to me in New York in Central Park or just a subway or train ride away. I only needed to open my office door and walk out into them.

Rainbow Over Jindabyne

Jindabyne, NSW Australia

Rainbows; A promise

Hopes and dreams coming true

Awakening the child within