On Your Doorstep Issue 1 - Page 25

Lisa Dorenfest

Eye To The Sea

Along The Bondi To Coogee Coastal Walk, Sydney NSW Australia

I took this photo a month after we arrived in port in Australia. I had been spending the predominance of my time photographing city streets; scenes that I miss when sailing in the remote islands. While I very much enjoy the buzz of city life, I was finding it a bit overwhelming after 6 months in the tropics. But luckily, Sydney offers both the edge and elegance of city with the earthiness of coast. I headed out to Bondi in search of respite and spied this scene. It reminded me that no matter how much comfort I find in city, the sea is calling me to throw off the dock lines and sail onward into the unknown. Two oceans down, one to go!

Westward Ho!

Somewhere In The South Pacific

I am a very intense person. I find that the only place I fully relax is when passage making on the open ocean. Time seems to stand still as the day blends into night and back into day again. I spend the predominance of my waking hours alone standing ‘Watch’ on deck with nothing but the sea, sky, sun, moon, stars and an occasional bird or two to provide company. When I am off ‘Watch’ duty, I fall into the very deepest of sleeps as my partner capably sails our ship onward. My cabin turns into a virtual womb given the gentle rocking of the boat on the water. My dreams are intense and I feel that I am fully connected to Gaia. I am almost ‘disappointed’ when we arrive at our destination because I will have to leave this peace behind me. But the consolation is a new doorstep full of wonder to explore.

All images in this article are (c) Lisa Dorenfest