On Your Doorstep Issue 1 - Page 14

We welcome all submission of art and literature that celebrates nature: photographs, paintings, drawings, watercolours, sculptures, installations, tapestries and other needlework, stories, poems and more.

We will publish everything we receive on our website, www.gaiaguardians.org. You can see April's submissions here.

* If you only want to send images, we’ll put them on our gallery page

* If you send a story with your images, you’ll get your own blog post. The story should relate to your relationship with nature rather than anything technical to do with your work.

* If you send a “literature” submission, you’ll get your own blog post too

We will also select some of what is received for publication in this magazine.

There are three simple rules:

(1) The work has to be your own

(2) It has to be from your country of residence (there is exception is for people who are on long-term travels)

(3) It has to be of nature

To submit, send an email to oyd@gaiaguardians.org

Submitting to On Your Doorstep