On the QT | The Official Newsletter of GWA February - March 2017 - Page 23

A Poetic Board Meeting Report

Forgive this short verse , but I am exploring A board meeting report that strives not to be boring .
So at risk of producing a report that ’ s horrid-a , I give you a summation of our meeting in Florida .
1 . Memberships now run January through December Making all member renewals easier to remember .
2 . In Canada and Rhode Island directors are completing , Plans for newly listed , future regional meetings .
3 . We discussed the formation of a membership drive , Because increasing our numbers will help us revive .
It ’ s also our mission to seek more variety And increase the diversity in this society .
We need a broader range of people with interests botanic : African Americans , Asians , youth and Hispanic .
4 . Our new entry procedures for Awards will permit , A smoother transaction for those who submit .
So go to the website where it is made clear , The way people can enter their work from last year .
5 . Reports from committees all took some time , they are just listed here … quite impossible to rhyme .
Reports heard from : Membership , Sustainability , Awards , Education , Sponsorship , Association Outreach , Sustainability , On the QT , Communications and Blog .
Want committee involvement ? Just get in touch , With Alexa in the office , and thank you so much .
6 . Suggestions were made for improvements to the website , increasing ease of registration for new members our highlight .
7 . For those getting social , we encourage you meet , with posts shared on Facebook , Instagram and Tweet .
8 . We reviewed the membership survey and respondent reaction to continue to improve value and satisfaction .
9 . The new Green Medal Sustainability Award was proposed by committee and reviewed by the board .
This mark of distinction will help GWA ’ s brand And recognize colleagues re : respectful use of the land .
10 . We discussed annual meetings and possible locations : What is needed are local committees ’ applications .
So if you live in an area where our members should go , Please write a proposal , and let the board know .
11 . We listened as Sally Cunningham highlighted our August meeting in Buffalo — and we are excited !
12 . We measured Kellen ’ s improvements and higher morale , And gave kudos , and thank-yous , to Maria , et al .
13 . The meeting ended with reports from our GWA Foundation re : Plant a Row , scholarships and public education .
The staff and board worked all day and kept in our sights , Many ways to bring GWA to new heights .
Region 1 National Direction C . L . Fornari is an author , speaker , radio host and professional plant pusher who gardens on Poison Ivy Acres on Cape Cod . Her website is GardenLady . com
GWA directors work through lunch at their recent board meeting in Florida .