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• Managing files and photographs is making you lose your mind . Make a Dropbox for each book chapter and place a copy of the master Word doc and copies of any potential photos in it . Copy the exact photo file names ( big _ plant _ 365 . jpg ) into the docs where they go so that it is easy , once the manuscript is in production , for the art department to find the photo .
Chapter files provide a place to store copies of potential photo candidates for chapters . If you ’ re scrolling through photos for a different project but find one that could work for a book section , copy it into that chapter file . Murphy ’ s law is that if you don ’ t copy it over , you won ’ t ever find it again when you need it .
• Your editor / contact is uncommunicative or sends you 12 separate emails about each chapter , for every chapter . Don ’ t be scared to keep emailing or calling if you have a burning question or , conversely , to ask your editor to consolidate questions into a single email . Everyone wants the book to get done and if you ’ re going to forget things if they come in 12 emails , say so . I repeat : The burden of communication is on you . If you ask a question and it isn ’ t answered , press on with writing and keep trying to get in touch with the editor .
• You ’ re going to miss your deadline . Stay in close contact with your editor during the last month or so before your deadline . Let them know what you ’ ve written , what ’ s left and if you think you ’ re going to miss the deadline and by how much .
In extreme cases where you are up against a hard deadline and still have a lot to write , you might consider bringing in a ghostwriter to help you . I have pinch hit for people and hired fellow GWA members to help me finish my books by checking plant names or writing glossary entries .
Eventually the book will get done . Remember : You and your publisher are partners and you both want a quality finished product . Except in extreme cases , they are not going to fire you and make you give back your advance . Remain professional , don ’ t make excuses and stay in contact with your editor if you have an emergency . Procrastination does not count . Neither do holidays , plans to move , vacations or other pre-scheduled events that will make you late .
Katie Elzer-Peters is a writer , book packager , and marketer in the horticulture industry . She loves reading , running , and electronic dance music . Connect with her at www . thegardenofwords . com .

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detailed descriptions and accessible science . Holm , an environmental educator and research assistant , brings to light captivating information about bees ’ life cycles , habitats , diet , foraging behaviors , crops they pollinate , nesting lifestyles , seasonality and preferred native forage plants .
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Jan Johnsen The Spirit of Stone : 101 Practical & Creative Stonescaping Ideas for Your Garden St . Lynn ’ s Press 192 pages , $ 21.95 Published February 2017
In The Spirit of Stone , awardwinning designer Jan Johnsen presents a richly photographed , authoritative guide to creative and practical uses for stone in the landscape : Steps , paths , garden walls , dry streams , benches , rock gardens , driveways and more . Stone ’ s practicality is especially and appreciated by homeowners concerned with low maintenance , sustainability and water conservation , with the side benefit of enhancing property value . The Spirit of Stone is an essential idea book and how-to for designers , stonemasons , builders , homeowners and DIYers .
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Mary-Kate Mackey Write Better Right Now — The Reluctant Writer ’ s Guide to Confident Communication and Self-assured Style Career Press 224 pages , $ 15.95 Published December 26 , 2016
This is the writing book that bridges the gap between what you know and how you want to say it . Write Better Right Now deconstructs the writing process with practical tips , fast shortcuts and handy summations . This quick read is based on Mary-Kate ’ s 14 years of teaching at the University of Oregon ’ s School of Journalism and Communication and her numerous writing presentations for GWA meetings .
Jacqueline Soule Arizona , Nevada & New Mexico Month by Month Gardening : What to do Each Month to Have a Beautiful Garden All Year Cool Springs Press 216 pages , $ 24.99 Published December 1 , 2016
Given the vast garden styles and plant preferences that pepper the Southwest , Soule set out to produce a monthby-month garden guide that offers the best for Southwest gardens . Arizona , Nevada & New Mexico Month by Month Gardening includes all the specifics on growing annual and perennial flowers , bulbs , edibles , roses , groundcovers , shrubs and vines throughout the year — including a section on water gardens .
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Writer ’ s Robin Stockwell Confident
Succulents : The Ultimate Guide to Choosing , Designing , and Mary-Kate
Growing 200 Easy Care Plants Oxmoor House 288 pages , $ 24.95 Published January 2017





The Reluctant to
Self-Assured Style


The Ultimate Guide to Choosing , Designing , and Growing 200 Easy-Care Plants
Readers will find inspiration for imaginative and exciting new ways to use succulents in striking garden designs , containers , vertical walls , indoor arrangements as well as step-by-step projects like bridal bouquets and terrarium displays . Replete with color photography and details throughout , Succulents will impart fans with important information , such as how big a certain plant grows , when it blooms , plus its water and exposure needs .