On the Pegs - September 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 9 - September 2022 | Page 26

Ep 89 : Jonathan English -

Flying High & Coaching Enduro Riders

Today we get back to visit our Canadian friends on the podcast . We are chatting to two time Canadian Champ Jonathan English .
Jonathan was also representing Canada at the TdN last weekend in Portugal as he has done a few time now .
We had a really good chat about how Jonathan found trials and how he is supporting the Ontario and Thunder Bay trial scene .
We discuss his job as an Airline Pilot and how there were some trials gaps as result of getting established in his career , but then also reflect on the
benefits which have allowed him to travel for his sport .
Jonathan did the SSDT twice and takes us through his experiences , as well as when travelling with his family as a spectator and how he helped salvage former guest Derek Thomas ' SSDT .
Jonathan is now doing a bit of coaching and we reflect on the finer points of teaching others .
Jonathan was an absolute pleasure to interview and I ' m really glad I got an opportunity to hear his story .
Ladies and gentleman I give you my chat with Jonathan English .