On the Pegs - September 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 9 - September 2022 | Page 112

nature of the familiar trails here is very entertaining . A dose of rain Friday evening made the course a bit slick for the morning ’ s vintage race on Saturday but following that the soil tacked-up nicely and the remainder of the races were blessed with excellent conditions . After the muddiness of the first race , a couple difficult sections were chewed up enough that they were rerouted in subsequent races . In fact , one long uphill was rerouted mid-race after a combination of off-camber , mud , and exposed , angled roots made this spot a serious bottle neck . Great job by the course workers to deal with the challenges and create alternatives where needed .
Highlights for the Shady Acres weekend included :
• Experiencing young Logan Holley flying through the woods on his Husqvarna with the Husky of four-time AMA Enduro Champion Terry Cunningham hot on his heels ( yeah … lapping me ). Logan would take the Post Vintage overall win both days over Terry . Quite an accomplishment for the young man and no one was prouder to see it than Terry himself ( and Logan ’ s parents , of course )!
• Hearing big-bore vintage bikes wide open in a power slide on the flowy vintage MX track
The competitors are lucky to have two great events this close geographically and on a calendar . It is remarkable in a series crossing the entire country and we hope that the region continues to be able to support this investment by the national series . As always , a small army ensures the success of these events as well as the willing participation of landowners . A big thanks to Tim and Paula Thomas of Shady Acres Motocross Park and Tim Doan with the Reynlow Park Authority . Cross-country coordinator Becky Hayes puts in a tremendous effort to keep these events in motion along with the cooperation of the Mid-Atlantic region ’ s team that took care of scoring , trail work , and much more . Throw a “ thank you ” their way as you see them . Please support Bridgestone Tires and their commitment to the sport as the primary sponsor for the 2022 AHRMA National Off-Road Series .
• Watching Becky Hayes present special Director ’ s Choice awards to Mark Sturtevant and Chris Gillespie for their contributions to the sport and the AHRMA community .