On the Pegs - September 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 9 - September 2022 - Page 108

two more gentle jumps . In general , the course is technical , competitive , and entertaining . There is minimal penalty for rolling jumps if you are uncomfortable and the obstacles themselves are not far removed from naturally occurring and completely suitable for the nature of the machines in use while big enough to get some air if you choose on a more modern bike . Dust was a minor factor and there are plans to improve upon this for next year as well as some course changes to improve passing opportunities .
Highlights for the Reynlow weekend included :
• Brett Reichart taking his first overall win in Sunday ’ s vintage race after several runner-up finishes on his Puch .
• Nancy Lisey taking home a first and two seconds after deciding that racing MX was a great hobby to start in your 70s .
• The hospitality of Reynoldsville locals , vintage racing devotees , and Paradise Cycle owners Cindy and Marty Strouse as they hosted an impromptu ice cream and pizza social at their hauler for anyone within earshot on Saturday evening .
After a couple weeks of downtime to work through the race , repair , repeat cycle , AHRMA rolled through the gates of Shady Acres Motocross
Park with a new approach to year ’ s past . Despite the facility ’ s name , it has only been used for National Cross-Country events in the past , but that changed in 2022 as the facility would play host to both CC and MX . Owners Tim and Paula Thomas were as excited as the competitors to welcome this addition to the annual Shady Acres festivities .
Considering that the family ’ s business revolves around hosting motocross races on the former dairy farm property , and with Tim being a well-established vintage enthusiast , the match is symbiotic . Of course , given the current state of modern MX and the need to cater to the expectations of those consumers , the legacy MX track at Shady Acres is leaning a bit away from the core desires of the 4-inch travel crowd . However , Tim and Paula have proven over several years of hosting AHRMA to never disappoint in their preparation . To that point , Tim marked out a full-blown virgin grass-track over the farm ’ s ample open space that served as the site of Saturday ’ s vintage MX action . Over one mile of turf was marked out over several neighboring fields where slight elevation changes between served as perfect natural terrain jumps and bumps . Feedback on the grass track was great as many enjoyed the fast , open nature , vintage friendly intentions , and generous passing opportunities .