On the Pegs - September 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 9 - September 2022 - Page 107

overburden .
Although physically impossible to always go down without the reciprocal up , there are enough thrilling roller coaster downhills that you get a general feeling of going downhill through the wooded section of the course . As you descend into the forest , you cannot help but notice the thick canopy of trees that filter the sunlight to a cool shadowy atmosphere . While the open sun areas of grass track were kicking up plenty of dust , the shade works wonders on the soil here as the composition is dark , organic , and provides heavenly traction . Be sure that there are some uphills along the way with plenty of roots and off-cambers . The majority of the wooded portion of the course is singletrack with great flow and plenty of alternate lines for passing opportunities . Surprisingly , for Pennsylvania , rock content is limited to a few sections and are hardly a major hurdle to most participants . For a finale , the course gains elevation as it approaches the north side of that parking area where the infamous Reynlow hill is lined with on-lookers . In a change from prior years , the riders are headed down the incline keeping with the general theme presented earlier . Pull the clutch and let it roll but be sure to start upshifting as your go down because you ’ re moving once you hit level ground below ! The scoring tent lies just beyond , and the lap is complete . In the tradition of using an alternate course for Sunday ’ s races , the starting line was inverted , and the course was run backwards on Sunday . So , all those aforementioned declines were now a climb including the fan-favorite , which now served as the first major obstacle in the race . This really changed the character of the course more than you would expect but was equally as fun and challenging as the prior day and lap times among the top ten were remarkably similar .
The motocross action took place on the mile-plus long grass track that was prepared just for AHRMA ’ s National series in its Reynlow debut in 2021 . With another year of planning and massaging , Tim Doan and the Reynlow Park crew were hard at work kneading some wood chips and loose dirt into the course to add to the experience . From the rubber band starting line , a slight uphill takes the riders over a couple mild step-up obstacles before entering a string of 180-degree switchbacks . Here the tilled ground and wood chips quickly formed deep ruts that will suck you in if you ’ re not paying attention . A long straight along the top side of the course developed some fun natural whoops and terminated in a left hander into a tapered landing area tabletop at the farthest point from the start . The return trip to the flag stand involved several more sweeping turns and 180s before the final approach over
VOL . 7 ISSUE 9 - SEPTEMBER 2022 // PAGE 107