On the Pegs - September 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 9 - September 2022 | Page 17


Now available for the new KTM 4-Stroke XCF / SXF and Husqvarna 4-Stroke Models FC / FX is a Full Floating Rubber Mounted Aluminum Skid Plate . This is going to allow the frame of the motorcycle to flex more and reduce vibration . The skid plate will still provide you the full protection of vital areas such as the frame rails , engine cases , clutch covers , water pumps , etc . Our unique design with the side wings will come up to help protect more including the footpeg mounts .
We will also have a “ Full Floating ” skid plate for the new KTM 2-stroke SX / XC / Husqvarna 2-stroke TC / TX very soon , order yours now so you are ready to go when your new bike arrives .


VOL . 7 ISSUE 9 - SEPTEMBER 2022 // PAGE 17