On the Pegs - November 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 11 - November 2022 - Page 64

it but my skid plate didn ’ t sit on top . I bounced off my skid plate and the bike came back with me . I ended up landing on the dirt and hitting my head . They almost had to call the medics ; it was pretty rough trying to keep riding the sections after that because my head was hurting . What really helped me was Maddie and Kylee – when we got to the next section , it was a hard section , and they told me just to punch it and take a break . When we got back to the pits , got some food and some Tylenol , they told me just to ride what I wanted and punch the sections I didn ’ t want to ride . From that point on , I knew they were willing to help do what I needed to be successful ; they weren ’ t going to force me to ride anything .”
“ The TdN was super cool but also intimidating because you ’ re sitting there and you ’ re in-between Pro lines . So you may have Jaime Busto in front of you and Adam Raga behind you . It ’ s super cool to watch all these top-level riders ride through the sections , but then you realize they ’ re going to be watching me as I ride ! The trials atmosphere over in Italy was amazing . There were all these kids and people talking to us and asking for us to sign things – it ’ s just like this community where it didn ’ t matter what nation you were from , everybody was one