On the Pegs - November 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 11 - November 2022 - Page 136

the running times ( i . e ., two-lap maximum for the vintage race ) all three races were able to complete the day ’ s competition . Tough for sure , fun for some , horror for others , but hopefully we get another change to take on this course in better conditions in the season ’ s ahead , because in one man ’ s opinion , it has a tremendous amount of potential .
Even with the weather issue , this was a great weekend in total . It was a joy to see landowners this engaged in allowing off-road enthusiasts to settle into their property for a spell and already be looking forward to it happening again ! Thank you , Lori and Dale … and thanks for the impromptu karaoke party Saturday on the front porch , what a crowd ! Jim Reitz had already proven that his trail-boss game is strong with some neato courses in the past at LL , but there were several “ best course of the year ” cheers heard following Saturday ’ s race . This is huge praise as the Mid- Atlantic is blessed with amazing courses at nearly every round . But , without much exaggeration , that course was legendary , perfect dirt , flow , tightness , pace , elevation , length , and competitiveness . And I ’ m pretty sure you can count the number of rocks , in total , on one hand . Sadly , Sunday ’ s course didn ’ t get a fair shake in competing for best course honors , but the hard work was evident there as well and it ’ s future is bright given better
conditions . Certainly , all the hard work Jim and his sons put into this event over the past year have paid off handsomely and I must believe most everyone is looking forward to returning to Sutton Station . Dave Kutskel , the AHRMA Mid-Atlantic volunteers , and sponsors Potomac Vintage Riders , Preston Petty Products , Stainless Cycle , Grove Printing , KMI Printing , and Horizon Homes were all , as always , integral to the success also and deserving of heaps of praise as well . To see the results for the entire weekend , and scope out the championship battles to be settled at the upcoming final round at White Rose , please visit https :// www . ahrma . org / ahrma-midatlantic-region