On the Pegs - November 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 11 - November 2022 - Page 106

to get it done and bring it home one race early .”
Between the two of them , the Baylor brothers have accounted for the last six national enduro titles in a row .
“ This is kind of our bread and butter ,” added Grant . “ We grew up racing tight single track and we ’ ve just always excelled in the tighter stuff .”
As he often does , Steward started slow but came on strong in the end , but this time came up just short .
“ I started off really , really slow , which has kind of been the way it ’ s been going these last few ,” admitted Steward . “ The first three tests weren ' t going my way and I was missing a lot of lines . The lines that I did take , it seemed like everything was always sketchy . There were a bunch of rocks that were hidden under the grass , so midway through , I just ended up hammering the main line and blowing up the berms and that was a lot better for me .”
Toth was in the mix all day and went into the final test just two seconds behind Grant .
“ I knew Stew was right behind me close , so I pinned it that last test ,” said Toth . “ I did what I could , but Stew laid it down and gave it to us that last test . I ’ m bummer to lose a spot and end up third , but overall I think I was seven seconds out of the win , so it was close .”