On the Pegs - November 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 11 - November 2022 | Page 78

up . If I do , I do , and if I don ’ t , I don ’ t . But that ’ s kind of how I went about the day as well .”
Josh Toth won the Muddobber ’ s race in 2021 . The FMF / KTM rider came into the race with a lot of confidence and eyeing the $ 6000 bounty that Enduro Engineering was offering to anyone who could win all six tests . Toth got off to a good start , winning the opening test of the day , but a crash in test two ended all hopes of collecting the bounty .
“ Winning the first test felt good , it was a pretty clean test overall ,” said Toth . “ In test two , though , I just had a couple mistakes and went down twice . That was kind of the story of my day . I rode good and then I just had a couple of freak incidents where it just cost me time . I ended up hitting my head real hard , actually , at the end of test one , on tree we were going under . I just didn ’ t see it and it hit right on the top of my head . And then I had kind of the same situation in test five . It got lower towards one side of the trail and I got too close to the low side and just had no room for my left handlebar to go , so it just clobbered my hand and pushed my handlebar back into me and looped me out . It was kind of frustrating with a couple freak things like that , but overall it was a good day . I felt good on the bike .”
Coastal Racing GasGas ’ Ricky Russell landed on the podium for the