On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 95

easy to make that little bobble that cost you a bit . But Josh obviously must have been riding a different track or something . He was putting it to us every test . Good job to him .”
Rockstar Energy Husqvarna ’ s Trevor Bollinger is another rider making big strides in the national enduro series . Bollinger was just 11 seconds off his teammate DeLong for fifth .
Despite losing his rear brakes in the sixth test , Coastal Racing GasGas ’ Ricky Russell turned in a solid sixth overall finish .
“ The first few tests I was kind of over-hesitant ,” said Russell . “ Where there actually was traction , I wasn ’ t pushing hard enough . Then where there wasn ’ t traction , I was making mistakes . Just needed to smooth out and just ride .”
Former Supercross / Motocross ace Broc Hepler is showing interest in the Enduro series and rode a Husqvarna to seventh overall , which was also good enough to win the NE Pro 2 class . The Pennsylvania rider battled for most of the race with Trail Jesters Racing / KTM ’ s Jesse Ansley for the class win and ended up edging Ansley at the finish by eighth seconds .
“ I ’ ve been practicing a little bit on the Husky , so we wanted to see how we could do ,” said Hepler . “ Last race I got to follow Craig Delong around , so it was a little bit of a help . Today
VOL . 6 ISSUE 11 - NOVEMBER 2021 // PAGE 95