On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 84

“ I think it ’ s always great to get the team together to practice ,” said Roper . “ That ’ s what really draws you guys close and you are able to push each other and build up a bigger bond , so when it comes competition time , you have good chemistry together . I think that ’ s definitely something the United States lacks that the Europeans are just so good at : they ’ re constantly practicing with each other . I think we have to train harder . I know that sounds vague , but I think it ’ s very important that we get together and ride together , and practice no-stop sections how they would practice over in Europe . I think it ’ s just spending more time on the bike practicing no-stop .”
Favorite memories from the trip : hearing the story of Luke Littlefield crashing in the pits and everybody seeing it and laughing at him , the food , and the camaraderie . Still in the midst of National competition in the states , it was a bit of a mindset shift to now have competitors as minders , but the team worked well together to overcome those small nuances .