On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 46

The next Lampkin - Alfie content courtesy of Jitsie

Sixteen-year-old Alfie Lampkin is the next Lampkin and the third generation of the famous trials family to grace the World stage . His late grandfather Martin was the first ever FIM World Champion back in 1975 and his own father Dougie is a legend of the sport having won 12 World titles during his long and successful career .
Alfie ’ s World debut was always going to put him in the spotlight and be surrounded by a huge amount of anticipation and expectation , not from his family as you may imagine , but from others eager to see what the latest Lampkin has to offer .
28 years after his own World debut , Dougie was very much at Alfie ’ s side in his new role as minder as they took on his first back-to-back events in Andorra and France , with the sole aim being for his eldest son to enjoy and learn from the experience very much as he had done himself almost three decades earlier . This despite the obvious pressure being on his offspring ’ s young shoulders .
Jitsie were granted exclusive and close access to the Lampkin camp as Alfie , his younger brother Fraiser ,
Dougie and his mum Nicola – who had been at her husband ’ s side throughout his career – embarked on a very special European adventure which brought back so many memories of the trips that had been before and evoked a new set of emotions for the whole family .
The twoweek tour brought bigger rewards than were perhaps expected , as Alfie grabbed his first World points on the second day in Andorra , the exact same venue where Dougie had achieved the same feat back in 1993 . The next Lampkin had started his own journey .