On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 44

Ep 88 : Scott Head

The 48hr whirlwind from SoCal to Italy

In Episode 88 , we are chatting with 3 time NATC champion Scott Head . Scott is from Southern California and grew up in a time when that area was renowned for producing some the USA ' s best .
Before Scott knew it , he was whisked away to Europe to ride the Italian championship and world rounds for Italjet as Bernie Schreibers team mate . We hear how Scott ' s life was turned upside down in a 48 hour period due to a rider change in Italy .
Scott could have stayed on in Europe but surprisingly he turned his back on it and returned to the USA . What I found refreshing was his ability to think through the situation which
showed wisdom most at that young age would not be able to muster .
Again , to my surprise we hear how Scott pretty much aimed to return to full time education and didn ' t necessarily plan to pursue trials . But as we also have learnt from many of these podcast episodes ... you can take a break but the trials bug does tend to bite and so when Scott was offered a ride at the back end of 1983 to ride the nationals he jumped at the chance .
What then unfolded was a period of dominance that he went on to ride and win the next 3 years NATC amassing a win streak of 16 consecutive National events which has only been equaled by Pat Smage in 2018 .
Today Scott is involved in the Southern Sierra Motorcycle Club and we here how he ' s back into trials in a big way through coaching and his new goal is to still be riding when he ' s in his 70 ' s .
Ladies and gentlemen , I give you my chat with Scott Head .
- David Grice