On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 168

Are you man enough ?

words by Janaphar Williams
That is a question many asked in 2017 . Many came , few were !! Are you man , women , or even team strong enough to defeat it all ? 24 hours seem ridiculous to try and race , but many have signed up for their shot to go down in the history books as just that , A LEGEND ! Those who dare to try must complete 24 full hours of not only harsh terrain , but harsh conditions as well .
Every year the race has been a little wetter , muddier , colder , and more demanding than the last . The 2021 Gut Buster 24 Hour race has promised to be just that a so much more . Jarad Green has taken on the tremendous task of this year ' s race , and is giving everyone a sneak peek . The 28-year-old former marine moved to Fort Worth 5 years ago and drove head first into the moto community that he now calls home .
Single Iron Man classes exists for those full on adrenaline junkies , who just want to show what they are made of . There are also duo or teams to choose from , if you ' re not as adventurous . Levels range from novice to expert and everything in-between . So if you feel nature calling , come on down .
The race is nestled by Lake Bridgeport , Twin Hills and Cycle Ranch . Come see the sandy river bottoms , wide open fields , and their great collection of rocks . Feed your inner beast , see what you are made of , if you dare ??
Picking up where they left off in 2020 due to COVID , and the hope for pouring rain to stay at bay , the race this year is being held on a property of 1000 acres and 300-foot elevation changes , promising to put you through your paces . Should you dare , try it on your own .