On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 160

Thankfully , once underway the concerns were moot as the course most likely benefited form the moisture rather than hindered .
As the 9:00 AM key time approached , the layer of mist that beautifully engulfed the valley below began to retreat and row one was sent on their way navigating the well-marked , approximately sixtymile loop . Broken into five start control sections , the race began with a transfer section downhill through the back of the field used for parking to a road lining the valley .
Several miles of blacktop dumped you onto a dirt road that quickly introduced you to the rocks that this enduro is notorious for . Truthfully , you are hard-pressed to find any significant acreage in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania that are not rocky , so it is best to embrace the rocks and enjoy the day ! In part because of the rocks , and because of the course layout through the awesome topography of the area , the transfer sections of this run are not to be discredited , there is some serious terrain here . Case in point , in