On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 157


words by Joshua Schucker photos by Kenny Lee Taylor and Glenn Hershey
Valley Forge Trail Riders ( VFTR ) has once again pulled off a topnotch enduro experience . After a 2020 hiatus , seeing the event on the enduro calendar for 2021 was a welcome sight for everyone in the East Coast Enduro Association ( ECEA ) community . Obviously , being the forty-fifth running of the event , the event is well regarded and well executed as VFTR has a tremendous amount of time and pride invested in the Moonshine Enduro .
One of its biggest attractions is the vast acreage in north east Schuylkill County that VFTR has been using consistently since 1984 exclusively for this event . Spending that much time on any ground is sure to uncover the “ best of the best ” single-track , and that is certainly true here . The fact that this land is used exclusively for the Moonshine through the continuing cooperation of a group of private landowners lends an air of exclusivity to the course as it winds through this prime mountain real estate .
VFTR works diligently to ensure that the properties remain private and all participants are dissuaded from using video or GPS devices ; VFTR and the ECEA are grateful for the cooperation in this regard because the balance between cooperative use of private land , and events falling by the wayside due to landuse issues , is increasingly going in the wrong direction .
VFTR member Bill Cossman and Glenn Hershey served as the co-trailbosses for the event . With
VOL . 6 ISSUE 11 - NOVEMBER 2021 // PAGE 157