On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 148

in the moto and Apolle had another strong ride for fifth .
Haaker was the clear overall winner with his 1-2-1 moto finishes and Abbott edged out Hart for second with his 3-1-3 scores . Hart was third . Cullins finished fourth overall with 4-3-6 moto finishes . Gerston rounded out the top five overall with 5-6-4 scores .
Apolle finished sixth with 6-4-5 finishes . Will Riordan was seventh overall with 7-7-8 moto finishes and was again the top junior rider ( 21 and under ). Graffunder struggled to back up his third-place hot lap and finished eighth overall with 15-8-7 finishes . LeBlond was ninth overall with 9-12-9 moto results and Johnson rounded out the top ten with 11-10-11 scores .
Haaker was happy to get his second win in a row . “ My first time here in Amarillo and the dirt looked amazing but it ended up being unpredictable and I had so many sketchy moments . I landed on a rider once