On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 138

different ; it ' s not the same coming from anyone else . Luckily , I learned a lot from him and I felt like I was able to apply it this year on my own and didn ' t rely on the minders I had as much as I would rely on him .
I think next year the younger Pros that had a full season will learn a lot from that and now be able to go work on what they need to work on and apply it for next year . I know everyone ' s going to be getting better . You can really see a lot of progress in their practicing ; they can do a lot of what they need to do , it ' s just about being able to put it together throughout the whole day . A few of them I saw some really low loop scores but some inconsistent loop scores , so once whatever needs to click does click , they ' ll all be right there . I think it ' s just going to get tighter and then with some new guys moving in the class next year , although it might take them a little bit to learn how everything works and get used to that step up , it ' ll be cool to have some fresh faces and some new competition .
I ’ ve done 12 championships , which is pretty crazy . I never thought I would be here , especially looking back at the first one ; I still remember Brad [ Baumert ] telling me ‘ Oh yeah , if you win until 2017 , you ' ll tie Geoff Aaron ’ s record ,’ and I ’ m just like ‘ You ' re insane ! There ' s no possible way that ' ll ever happen .’ Here we are now being able to surpass that ; whenever it ' s over I ’ ll look back and be proud of what I ’ ve done and happy with all the success that I ’ ve had but I ’ m gonna try to keep pushing for more .”