On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 134

my masters [ degree ], it ' s tough . But I ’ m still out here able to have some good rides here and there , not as good as I ’ d like but I can definitely prove myself and I feel like I still belong here in the Pro class . The terrain out here is really loose and real deep dirt and sand . The rocks break away a lot , so if you weren ' t perfect , it was easy to mess up the section . It was challenging enough for me , maybe not Pat and Josh , but having them go at each other keeps the competition alive ; I ' m sure they had a stressful day just like me .”
“ I really wanted to go out and just not worry about things so much this year knowing that the championship was wrapped up ,” said Smage . “ I wanted to just have fun and enjoy the last ride of the season but I couldn ' t do that . The sections were on the easy side ; there were a couple hard spots but I knew everyone was riding really well . I saw Josh ride quite a bit , and knew he didn ' t have very many points after the first loop . From then on , I knew the only way to have a chance at winning was to clean the rest of the day and luckily , I was able to do that .
But it was very stressful ; when it ' s that low scoring it ' s easy to overthink things and it ' s also easy to lose your focus and mess something