On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 130

“ Coming into today , I was feeling a little bit shaky ,” said Roper . “ I took some Hammer Nutrition supplements and it got me going again . I was actually able to battle with Pat Smage , which is the first time I ’ ve been able to do that , I definitely feel honored to compete with him and it was a blast . Mentally , it was really tough ; you just have to be perfect . The sections were a little on the easy side , so being perfect this whole entire weekend is what it was all about . I just made one big mistake on my second lap and ended up taking a two ; I cleaned my third lap and ended up taking a silly one on the very first section on the first lap so I ended with three points . It wouldn ' t have been possible without the support from everybody , from TRS USA , Dirt Riders West , Hammer Nutrition , NILS Oil , Abad Trials , and everybody else out there that supported me . I ’ ve got to give a big shout out to [ my minder ] Nigel Parker ; he really helped me out a tremendous amount this year and so without him it wouldn ’ t have been possible . Now that the season ’ s over , I ’ m planning on taking a week off and then starting all over again training for next year .”