On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 120

rocks . While the majority of the class attempted to splatter the smaller rock , with only FactoryONE Scorpa ’ s Alex Myers and Karl Davis Jr able to successfully overcome the obstacle to finish the remaining gates , Smage and Niederer decided to take the high line on the right side of the gate , which involved a bigger splatter and more air time in between rocks . However , this appeared to be an easier line than as first evaluated , as both riders were able to complete the entire section without taking any dabs .
Niederer would take his first points of the day in section 6 of the first loop , but after only dropping a total of 4 points for the opening lap , he had a solid hold on second place behind Smage , who finished the first loop with 3 points . As riders reached the halfway point of the day , Niederer took a series of max penalties , more than tripling his loop score in short order and dropping him to fifth place . Roper and Alex Myers were able to capitalize on section difficulty , with Roper moving from fourth place to second in short order , and Myers fighting back from sixth place to sit third behind Roper . While the New Mexico terrain had more traction than the series opening rounds in Pennsylvania and Ohio , competitors found the