On the Pegs - November 2021 Volume 6 Issue 11 - November - Page 107

words by Kayla Bolton // GNCC photos by Mack Faint and Ken Hill
MILLFIELD , Ohio ( September 27 , 2021 ) – The 2021 Grand National Cross Country ( GNCC ) Series presented by Specialized , an AMA National Championship , concluded its eleventh round of racing at the GBC Powersports Tires Burr Oak event in Millfield , Ohio on Sunday , September 26 , 2021 .
As the XC1 Open Pro class took off the line it was Rockstar Energy Factory Husqvarna Racing ’ s Trevor Bollinger racing towards the holeshot line , earning himself an extra $ 250 courtesy of the All Balls Racing XC1 Holeshot Award . However , as the racers headed into the woods on the opening lap it was Magna1 Motorsports / Husqvarna ’ s Jordan Ashburn making his way to timing and scoring first .
Ashburn would hold the early lead for the first three laps of the race . As the racing heated up it was FMF / KTM Factory Racing ’ s Ben Kelley closing the gap between himself and Ashburn on lap four and making the pass for the lead . As Kelley moved into the lead AmPro Yamaha ’ s Steward Baylor had worked his way up to third and was continuing to push towards the front of the pack .
As the trio up front made their way through the woods on the final lap of the race it was Baylor making the necessary passes on Ashburn and Kelley to move himself into the lead position . As Baylor made his way to the finish he would cross the finish line 16 seconds ahead of Kelley , who came through to finish second , with Ashburn holding onto third overall on the day . Baylor now holds the points lead , just one point ahead of Kelley .
Coastal GASGAS Factory Racing ’ s Ricky Russell made his way into the fourth place position after running back in fifth for the majority of the race . Russell , who missed the last race due to illness , looked to be in great shape as he continued to push for the full three hours .
After starting in the back of the XC1 pack it was Rockstar Energy Factory Husqvarna Racing ’ s Thad Duvall making his way into fifth as the checkered flag flew . Duvall continues to battle this season and is aiming to get back on the podium before the season concludes in two rounds .
FMF / KTM Factory Racing ’ s Josh Toth would cross the line sixth on the day . Toth found himself battling back from eighth place on the second lap , but he would put his head down to continue as he would make some great passes to battle for a better finishing position . After earning the holeshot Bollinger would continue to battle at the front in third , however , he would eventually find himself battling for that eighth
VOL . 6 ISSUE 11 - NOVEMBER 2021 // PAGE 107