On The Pegs November 2018 - Volume 3 - Issue 11 - Page 120

On The Pegs P 122 On The Pegs SAM FASTLE SPLASHES HIS WAY THOUGH A SECTION IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC Vol. 3 Issue 11 - November 2018 P 123 counting towards a country’s result, riders from twenty-three nations faced a mixture of man- made hazards featuring huge boulders and more natural terrain in nearby woods where grip was at a minimum. Daylong torrential rain and plung- ing temperatures added to the drama and forced organizers to modify the sections as the event became a war of attrition. The Spanish men initially got off to a slow start and actually trailed the French trio of Benoit Bin- caz - Scorpa, Alexandre Ferrer - Sherco and Loris Gubian - Gas Gas after the first four sections, but when the going got tough then Bou and company got going. While the Spanish demonstrated their clear su- periority to lead the field, Great Britain, France and Japan went toe-to-toe for the remaining podium positions with the balance swinging in each na- tion’s favor as the Trial progressed. Following the opening lap Spain’s total of just twenty gave them a clear advantage, even after nineteen time penalties were added to their total. France were second with fifty-one on observation and five on time followed by Great Britain’s James Dabill - Beta, Jack Price - Gas Gas and Toby Martyn - Montesa who had parted with fifty-six marks in the sections and collected eight time penalties. The Japanese trio of Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Honda, Kenichi Kuroyama - Yamaha and Tomoyuki Ogawa - Montesa had dropped fifty-three, but picked up twenty time penalties, which put them fourth. On the second lap Spain extended their advan- tage as Great Britain, reveling in the UK-style con- ditions, picked up the pace to secure the second step of the podium by eleven marks from France