On the Pegs - May 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 5 - May 2022 - Page 96

“ Toth obviously had us covered in the enduro test ,” said Michael . “ Today I was much better in the enduro test . Unfortunately , I crashed in the first one and lost about seven seconds , and then lost out for the overall by just under three seconds . I ’ m kicking myself right now . It ’ s a little mental error . It would have been nice to win the overall , but we at least swapped days on points and we live to fight another day .”
Michael is still battling an injured shoulder .
“ Hopefully we can rest the shoulder for a couple weeks and just keep trying to get this thing better ,” added Michael . “ It ’ s been a pretty miserable year all the way around . Just been dealing with this . I rode really well , considering everything . I ’ m just kind of bummed at myself .”
Barnes is obviously improving with every race and on Saturday he was clearly the fastest . The Illinois rider finished third overall for the weekend and first in the Pro 2 class .
“ Saturday I was riding super well and grabbing my first overall for the day , so that was pretty cool ,” said Barnes . “ Today I still rode good , but I just made a couple little mistakes in the enduro test , I had an easy fall in the first one . Josh and Layne , they were going at it and they definitely stepped it up . Overall , just to be competitive with those guys and even have tests that are close