On the Pegs - May 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 5 - May 2022 - Page 94

“ It came down to the very last test and I was able to win it ,” said Toth . “ Layne was super-fast in the cross test on Saturday and I just had to try to make it up in the enduro test . On Sunday , I managed to pick up the pace in the cross test too and that was the difference .”
Michael was fast in the three cross tests on Saturday , beating Toth in each to establish an early lead . The Yamaha rider topped Toth in the first of the three enduro tests , as well , but Toth picked up the pace in the final two enduro tests to keep the day competitive .
Michael eventually beat Toth by eight seconds for Saturday ’ s top Pro honors , however , Pro 2 competitor Cody Barnes ( Phoenix Racing Honda ) had both of the two frontrunners covered , posting Saturday ’ s fastest “ overall ” time . It was Barnes ’ first time to clock the fastest overall time for a full day . Barnes turned the quickest time in all three cross tests as well as in the first enduro test . At the end of the day , Barnes was six seconds quicker than Michael .
“ I was just riding good and I was having a lot of fun ,” said Barnes . “ I think I just kind of flowed because I was enjoying it .”
Toth came out swinging in Sunday ’ s first enduro test , beating Michael by 12 seconds to work his way back in the hunt for the overall .