On the Pegs - May 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 5 - May 2022 - Page 70

words & photos STEPH VETTERLY
In an effort to help facilitate the growth of youth trials , the NATC hosts youth trials competitions , aptly named the Next Gen Youth Trials Series presented by OSET , at each of the events in the series schedule . These youth events are free to enter and provide young riders with an opportunity to experience a bit of the action with five scored sections .
Run by Tom and Vicki Batchelor , the events are held Friday afternoon and Saturday morning , with each rider taking home a personalized award for their accomplishments .
Friday saw nine riders take to the sections . In the Strider class , Eliza Eudy took the win , finishing with a score of 13 points , helped in one section by her mom ; she would follow this with a 19-point day on Saturday . In the Cadet class , Gauge Fowler took the top step with 24 points . Josie Kavanaugh topped Max Firchau for second with a total of 42 points to Firchau ' s 55 . Fowler would be absent from Saturday ' s competition , and it was a tough battle for the podium with only five points separating first and fourth place . Firchau edged out Kavanaugh for the win with 45 points to Kavanaugh ' s 47 . Axell Young would finish with 49 points , with Tyler Rader finishing just off the podium with 50 points .
Cash Blumhorst was in a class of his own in the Novice class on Friday , taking only 12 points on the day ; he would follow up with another win on Saturday with 28 points . As well as Cash was riding , it appears he may be ready to move up to the next class .
Sportsman class saw a battle between SaraBeth Smith and Next Gen Mototrials ' s Kylie Glueck , with the girls trading wins . Friday , Glueck was able secure the win with 38 points to Smith ' s 46 . But Smith came back with a vengeance on Saturday . Despite Glueck staying consistent with 37 points , Smith upped her game , taking a full 20 points off her previous score to finish on the top box with only 26 points .
Next Gen Mototrials ' s Preston Blumhorst showed off his skills on Friday in the Sportsman Exhibition class , taking 14 points on his fullsize competition Sherco . He was absent for Saturday ' s competition , as he was busy earning a third-place finish , with 46 points , in the Junior class of the adult national .
Friday also saw Brody Mull take the win in the Rookie class with 20 points . Mull was absent from Saturday ' s event .