On the Pegs - May 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 5 - May 2022 - Page 56

could come back , and I ’ m looking forward to the rest of the season .”
FactoryONE Scorpa ’ s Alex Myers would finish just off the podium in fourth place . After shaking off the first-event / first-loop jitters , he was able to make significant improvements in loop scores as the day progressed , taking a 29 / 14 / 6 combo on the day for a total of 49 points and 15 cleans . GasGas ’ s Daniel Blanc-Gonnet was plagued early on in the first loop when he hit a tree , snapped his clutch line off , and wadded up his fork brace , causing him to make an emergency pit stop back at the pits . Line choice is key for these events , and the first loop will typically see the Pro class ride together , each rider analyzing the others and adapting their own riding based on the outcome of specific lines . Unfortunately , Blanc- Gonnet ’ s mechanical issues put him behind the pack , and he wasn ’ t able to see what lines were most advantageous . He wasn ’ t able to make up the point gap to take fourth from Alex Myers , but continually improved each loop for an overall score of 70 points and 11 cleans .
Vertigo ’ s Karl Davis Jr would take sixth place with 87 points and 9 cleans , followed by TRS ’ s Sam Fastle in seventh place with 136 points and 2 cleans .
Round 2 saw Roper put significant pressure on Smage . A combination of an air log and lack of traction in