On the Pegs - May 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 5 - May 2022 - Page 53

you run an event , it feels like you ’ ve already ridden the sections . It was nice to have some new sections thrown in .”
GasGas ’ s Josh Roper , joined by minder Nigel Parker , made a statement on his debut ride on the new brand . After a stumble in the very first section put him five points back , he quickly regained composure , securing second place by section four and maintaining the position for the rest of the day with a final total of 32 points and 24 cleans .
“ Today went pretty good ,” said Roper . “ It was an average day today , nothing special , nothing crazy . I ’ ve been coming here since I was about eight or nine years old , so I know TTC pretty well . I ’ ve ridden here for so many years that it ’ s almost like I ’ m riding at home . The traction was actually really good today , and the weather held off . The third lap came around and I had a little bit of misfortune there with two unfortunate fives , which was a little bit of a bummer .”
Of all the riders , not one could match the joy and happiness seen on the face of Beta ’ s Alex Niederer at the end of competition . Consistency is key , and with the help of minder Tom Fraser , he quickly secured a third-place position , finishing with 34 points and 23 cleans , only two points behind Roper .
VOL . 7 ISSUE 5 - MAY 2022 // PAGE 53