On the Pegs - May 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 5 - May 2022 - Page 49

words & photos STEPH VETTERLY
FactoryONE Mototrials ’ Pat Smage started the 2022 NATC season off strong with a double win in Sequatchie , TN . The series returned to the grounds of the Trials Training Center and showcased some new , never-before-seen sections . The approximately five-mile loop wound its way around the property , with an almost equal number of sections on either side of the creek , providing a mix of sharp limestone rocks and ledges in the shaded woods with large smooth round boulders in the open sun , finishing with a crowdpleasing stadium section right in the pits . A few days before the event , the property fell victim to a rainstorm ; thankfully , it was able to drain from the sections quickly and had little impact on the weekend ’ s competition .
VOL . 7 ISSUE 5 - MAY 2022 // PAGE 49