On the Pegs - May 2022 On the Pegs - Volume 7 Issue 5 - May 2022 - Page 134

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words KENNETH OLAUSSON photos courtesy of HUSQVARNA
Chief engineer Ruben Helmin was an important man when it came to Husqvarna ' s motocross and enduro success . In 1954 , he joined the factory at the age of 29 and had not only an eye for technical matters , but he was also an intelligent individual . Looking sharp , I met Helmin on
worldwide tracks having many opportunities to get to know him well .
During the winter of 1954 , reports of the new " Silver- Arrow " appeared in the magazine " Racing ", which was the ultimate motoring newspaper at the time . This weekly magazine presented an in-depth story of the recently introduced Husqvarna motorcycle , which was to become a big success for the Swedish company . But that would happen later . The first task for Ruben Helmin was to engage in developing the frame of this newcomer and trying to improve the machine ' s suspension . Some customers complained about the front