On The Pegs May 2018 - Volume 3 - Issue 5 - Page 73

On The Pegs Vol. 3 Issue 5 - May 2018 P 73 Are you surprised at all at how well you’ve been finishing this year? I wouldn’t say surprised, but I knew I had the potential. This winter I had a really good off-season riding and train- ing and working with Charlie Mullins and riding with a lot of fast guys like Josh (Toth) and Kailub (Russell). I was up there riding with them. I guess I’m a little bit surprised at just how well I’m doing in the overall, and definitely at the first national enduro. But I knew I had the potential. are definitely something I’m still adapt- ing to. You say you haven’t ridden much of the tight stuff. What is your back- ground? I grew up racing NETRA hare scram- bles, which is I guess the woods and trails up there are a little tighter – defi- nitely tighter and slower than GNCC’s, but definitely not as tight as the nation- al enduros. What would you say has been the biggest improvement in your riding over the last year? I think maybe just a little bit of every- thing overall. My fitness is way better. My skills on the bike are better. I’m riding faster. I don’t think it’s one thing. I think it’s just a little bit of everything has gotten better. Do you feel like you’re still adapt- ing to the national enduro format? Yeah, I’m definitely still adapting; definitely to the type of trails for sure. I enjoy it; it’s just harder on me I think than the wide open trails. But I’m enjoy- ing trying to better my skills at that. I like the format. I guess the longer tests What did you do with Charlie Mul- lins? Charlie helps out with everything from training off the bike, cycling, gym work, everything, and nutrition, and riding. Pretty much just everything. He was at the top. He’s raced our sport. He was one of the best. So he knows You like the shorter, sprint type racing? Yeah. I think that just suits my riding a little bit better right now. But I guess this year I’ve been working on my fit- ness and everything, so in the longer tests I feel stronger now. Have you done anything at home specifically to prepare for national enduro? And it wasn’t a one-time deal. Yeah, definitely in the off-season You’ve been repeating that success. when we were down at Kailub Russell’s Yeah, definitely the first national in Florida. He had an enduro loop there enduro was a surprise for me, getting which is really tight. So I rode that a third, just because I haven’t raced many lot. That definitely just sharpened up or ridden that much tight trail. But I my skills. I’ve been trying to ride some think maybe after that I had definitely tighter trails occasionally, especially boosted my confidence and it just leading up the week before the race rolled into the GNCC’s. and that definitely helps me.